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Granlibakken Registration Directions

We have had several requests for details on how to register for the upcoming Diploma and MYP/PYP training at the Granlibakken resort. As the registration is handled directly on the Granlibakken website, here are some helpful directions.

  • Go to the Granlibakken website. Click here
  • Click on "Make a Reservation" in left column
  • Click "Conference Participant."
  • The ID and Password are both the same (Diploma use CAWSIB11, MYP/PYP use CAWSMY11)
  • Click "Registration Form."

  • Payment for both the resort and the conference go directly to Granlibakken (see end of registration form).
  • The resort fee includes all meals – including dinner and happy hour each day
  • I suggest that if you have more than one participant from your school, that you rent a car at the Reno Airport. The beauty of Lake Tahoe is spectacular and you will want to do some touring.


Legislation Update

A new Legislation Update for February is now available. Click here for details.

Calendar Updates

The calendar has several new events. Click here for details.

The Spring Roundtable event has been added. Click here for details.

IBA Regional Associaitons Conference

At the IBA Regional Associaitons Conference held in Bethesda January 2011, many practical and beneficial files for IB Coordinators to use in delivering their programs were distributed to the representatives from the Associations. Click here for details.

February Newsletter

The February Newsletter is now available. Click here for details.

Legislation Update

A new Legislation Update for February is now available. Click here for details.

November 2010

Discussed options to raise the visibility of IB and developed a framework for CAWS sponsored legislation. We agreed that CAWS sponsored legislation should require California community colleges and state universities to have a consistent process and/or policy in place to award credits for students who have successfully completed IB courses (this piece of legislation would include recognition for SL courses and IB Career Certificate). Given the current political and financial state situation, we felt this approach was the best strategy to both help students and schools and also build awareness of the IB program in the Legislature.

December 2010

Conducted some exploratory work and contacted two other counselors and IB coordinators to collect information to validate the hypothesis of a statewide problem for IB students not receiving academic credits for their IB courses when enrolling in community colleges or CSUs.

January 2011

The deadline to submit proposed bill language to Legislative Counsel (attorneys for the Legislature) was January 21. We drafted and submitted language to Legislative Counsel for a spot bill and drafted the attached issue paper addressing the need for Legislation. We are currently seeking an author for our bill.

Spot Bill Language

Would require California community colleges and CSU to adopt a policy that would give students obtaining a score of 5, 6 or 7 on IB courses, the same credits given to students with a 4 or 5 score on equivalent AP courses.

Concurrency of Learning

The Concurrency of Learning PowerPoint presentation is now available. Click here for details.

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